About GraySide
GraySide Projects was created in 2008 to encompass all of the various undertakings, assignments, contracts and side projects of a professional freelance editor, writer and publisher named Karyn Gray.

About Karyn G
Karyn grew up on the South Shore of Boston before moving to Montreal to attend McGill University. Since graduating with a BA in English Cultural Studies, she has worked as Editor-In-Chief of Under Pressure Magazine, a staff writer for Ion and Beautiful/Decay, a contributing music and culture journalist for an array of others, and a freelance editor/writer for both individuals and companies. Her first book, Black Sheep: An unconventional look at good ol' family values, was released on June 4th, 2010. She likes the ocean, the Sunday New York Times Crossword, raspberries, ethical debates, Gothic novels, the Oxford comma, and a fresh cup of coffee.